In-Service Training By-Laws

(Approved by the Engineering Faculty of Bogazici University on April 3, 2007)


The main objective of In-Service Training is to contribute to the education of the students of the Faculty of Engineering by providing them practical, technological, as well as managerial experience and knowledge in nonacademic organizations.


1. Each student must complete a total of at least 60 working days of training as a partial requirement for a BS degree in engineering.
2. Each Department determines the areas and minimum durations of training according to its own engineering formation and educational program, and announces them to the students. The duration of each training can not be less than 15 working days, and the total requirement should be completed in at least two different organizations.
3. It is the responsibility of the Department’s Training Advisor to coordinate and guide training activities in conformity with these bylaws.
4. Students who have successfully completed their undergraduate program, but have not fulfilled their training requirements properly are not allowed to register. These students have to complete their training by the end of the first semester after they complete their coursework in the undergraduate program.
5. At the end of each training, the documents listed below must be submitted to the Department’s Training Advisor within one month after the beginning of the next academic semester. The total delay in days in the submission of these documents after the deadline will be subtracted from the duration of training.


1. Training Booklet: This refers to either a specially formatted booklet containing several issues related to training and available from the University Bookstore and from the Faculty website, or to a report the format of which is determined by the Department. This booklet is to be filled in by the students in English and it consists mainly of the following 3 parts:
  a. Diary: Containing a brief description of the day-to-day work carried out during training.
  b. General Report: Combining the theoretical and practical aspects of the work place and the work done.
  c. Letter of Evaluation: A letter on the contribution of the training program to the student’s education and the suitability of the work place for training. This should be a very brief letter written on a separate sheet of paper.
2. The Training Certificate: Is a form where the supervisor of the student at the work place evaluates the trainee. This form must be signed by the supervisor and handed to the student in a closed and stamped envelope.